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Last week i did a wee shoot of some of my sister’s new items in her ETSY shop! She has some cute stuff in there! Her ETSY shop is called Shanionie…. or click HERE!


Model – Carissa Gonzalez

Just a few of the goodies….

I was stoked to be contacted by Katie at OffSwitch magazine to shoot a spread to compliment Rachell Ball’s, of Elephantine,¬†story! There is just something really neat about seeing your work in print and then to have it in a magazine you think is quality…..such a bonus. :)


Here is the¬†piece, but the magazine is worth purchasing and seeing all the rest of the talent and neat articles….

I’m always stoked to work with Jessica Rey and her vision for vintage inspired modest swimwear. Its cute, its not skimpy and well made. Jessica designed new suits and is now offering hats and sunglasses that are super cute too! We had a fun day of shooting her designs and you should totally check out her other suits she has to offer! I have one myself!

Bathing suits, hats and sunglasses – Rey Swimwear

Make Up -Gaby Manalo and Diana Biglari

Hair – Christopher Van Zeyl, Vanessa Adarna and Natalie Somma

Set Details – Patternsonwalls

A few from our shoot….