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As some of you already know, I am now a part of the sweet team at The Define School! The class I will be teaching starts Oct 15th and registration opens Oct 1st! Hope to meet you!

My class is called ” The Inspired Home” .

Course Description :

The home can be an endless source of inspiration.  When viewed with a fresh perspective and creative lens, there is a treasure trove of magic to capture.  As a wife, mother, homeschool teacher and owner of my own photography business I have learned a great deal about bringing fun to each of these roles.  I have also had to learn how to employ creativity while balancing effectiveness and efficiency.  My evolution has instilled in me valuable lessons about managing priorities and keeping life in sharp focus according to what is valued most.


In this four-week course we cover fundamental yet inspiring topics related to photography, home life, and managing it all with joy and thankfulness.

Topics Covered-

-  Making the most of your equipment. How to capture moments with anything from your phone to your DSLR. -  Documenting your family life. Capturing natural everyday moments you never want to forget. -  Being a present parent and viewing it as a creative outlet. -  Running a business while still caring for family, home and self.


The Define School – Commercial for the school that was so stinking fun to film.

It was a fun day of snacks, questions, learning, balloons, cameras, make up, big hair and more! It was fun to have such a talented team and then a small class of eager minds wanting to learn and shoot all we had prepared for them that day. Started off with getting to know each other a little bit, then went straight into 2 different bridal looks in the rad balloon set Bre {Style} made for us. We braked and then after some snacks went right into shooting 2 fashion looks outside. We went over flare, camera settings, post processing, lenses and lots of other goodness. It was neat having the small tutoring session because if anyone had a question about their camera, buttons or settings, I could walk them through it on the spot and they could grab the shot they wanted! Over all, it was such a success!

Make Up – Amy Clarke

Hair – Dianna Lopez

Set Design – Bre {Style}

Wardrobe Stylist – Gabby Lewis

Florist –  Floral Design By Jacqueline Ahne

Fashion Model – Mira

Bridal Model – Kiarra Elliot 

Here are some shots I got throughout the day!

I hope you all had fun, learned a lot and got some dope pictures to add to your portfolio!! Thank you for coming!!!!!

I just got done with my first Rad Session (Online Mentoring)! I must admit I thought it was fun! There is something so neat about conversing with someone in Massachusetts just as if they were right down the street…and now I’m in a session with a photographer in Pennsylvania!


Here is my very first “Rad Session“review (blush) :

“I loved it. I definitely did learn a lot. The communication was great. I liked being able to send many small emails with my questions as they came up in my head and you answered promptly and made sure I understood. And the FaceTime was awesome. It’s not every day a girl gets to chat face to face with someone they look up to and learn from them. I think it was totally worth the money and I’d recommend it to anybody and everybody!  ” Kirsten Rogers, MA. 

  • This idea is so cool and such sweet feedback. Cheers to you both! ~M

  • Annalisa Palmer says:

    Hi Kristin!
    I was curious to know if you are still doing these tutoring sessions? I am very interested and I live not too terribly far from OC. :) I used to be down that way all the time, my brother lived in Huntington beach for the longest time.