September 12, 2012

I am so stoked to have been able to shoot this darling wedding.  When Jess told me I was the photographer she’s wanted to shoot her wedding since high school and getting to know her more,  I knew we were kindred spirits and we had to make this happen.  It did and it was a wonderful trip and experience being on the East Coast for this wedding celebration. I knew it was going to be a DIY charming day and when I arrived there was a scurry of bodies, like little ants hard at work pulling everything together. Almost every little detail was handmade, built, collected, sewn, picked…. you get the idea. It was one of those weddings where you loved everyone you met and wanted to become BFF’s with everyone you talked to. Everyone was so excited for this day and devoted their time and hard work to make it happen. Jess and Greg are loved by many and their wedding was just so meaningful and joyful.

Jess said “ They say is takes a village to have a wedding and after ours I couldn’t find the statement more true. Everything was laced with love and community we could not have done it without every single person involved. We know people who know us well and love us well, they wanted to make our dream come true.

Love Wins, Love Wins, Love Wins. It is simple and true. I have lived by it, Greg has adopted it and we continue to try and show anyone who comes into contact with us.
“my whole world is falling in love with you” is the lyric behind lots of our planning. We really wanted people to step into our world, a world of creative goodness and of course where love is always winning. We wanted the love we feel for one another to simply explode, leaving the overflow to shower our guests.
We knew if we worked really hard in the end we would be happier everything was made from our hearts and our homes. “

Bridesmaid dresses: handmade by Louise Hedley
Venue: Starr Barn

DIY projects:
Hundreds (literally) of  origami cranes they folded
Painted signs
Canned jams
Pie stands
They collected 150 settings of vintage corelle dishes
Painted cornhole boards handmade beanbags
Yellow door and handmade the place setting tags
Collected all the vintage linens
Ribbon sticks
Love Wins

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