November 8, 2012

I was stoked to do this little shooting project for this darling company. BlaBlaKids is a company that makes adorable products down to every detail and stitch. They sale dolls (giant and small), clothes, decor, backpacks, etc. Its the kinda product where you sit on their site for an hour because its near impossible to pick your favorite they are so darn cute. What a charming product…. its the kind of stuff you’ll want to pass down through the generations. :) They really do have their own little personalities…. especially the giant dolls. At times I felt I had more children!

Here is a peek into the shoot I did for them. It was not a full blown shoot, it was a “how would my kids really use these dolls” kind of a shoot. So, my girls  and their friends got to play with them, dress them, sit them places in their room. I got to shoot them as we used them in our home, on a play date or recreating little scenes they’ve done before with them.

Two darling products that also are in the shoot are HouseinHabit’s – mini teepee in my girls room and then the cutie wooden hand made animals that JessandGregHandmade sell.

Geesh, did I just take care of your Christmas shopping or what?


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