June 23, 2011

People know I love other peoples hand me downs and give aways! So when a friend was moving she let me and Brianne, my friend and treasure hunter, to come over and look through what she was leaving behind. We grabbed a lot of obviously cute things, but in the corner of a dusty shed was this little file cabinet that caught my eye. I have no idea why, but I liked the size and how the top opened. I had no idea what I would do with it.  A couple weeks later I decided I wanted to get rid of our girls current kitchen because it was just too big for their room and got this weird inclination to make one myslef.  Ya see, I am not a DIY type of girl….at all. I never re-do things and hardly ever paint a thing. I gotta urge and I think it because I hang around the master of that, Bre {Style}.

So…I wanted to make over this little cute and trashed file cabinet and make it into their kitchen. I looked online for a few ideas and then all the rest just came to mind one what to do! I was shocked I had this in me to tell you the truth. I gots lots of people loving how it turned out and they wanted a tutorial. So…here ya go! Next time you see a lonly file cabinet or side table dresser that needs love, maybe do something like this!

My girls love it!

First off I knew I wanted it to look like our vintage stove…we had white spray paint in the garage and I bought metallic metal spray paint for top. ($4)

We recently changed out the knobs on our armuar and I kept them for some reason. I decided to paint and turn them into stove knobs! ($0)

I then ask my hubby (who happens to work at a lumber mill) to cut me 4 round pieces of wood the size of a CD. I then spray painted them the same metallic color and hand painted burners on the top. I glued them with strong craft glue to the top of the cabinet when everything was dry. ($0)

I had this random idea to add this grate that was in my garage from an old organizer thingy to the back of the kitchen and then make little curtains. I used this adorable pillow case that Brianne gave me for my girls, I cut up the top so I could tie it around the grate and then used twine to gather the fabric in the middle to look like curtains. ($0)

I added a small white board ($4) to one side of the kitchen…for their menu’s, of course. Then added some hooks to the other side to hang their aprons ($2)

I then got some little hooks ($2) to hang on the grate to hang their pans and cutting board. Wa- La. A tiny DIY Kitchen = $12.00!

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