November 26, 2013

Every now and then the stinking adorable doll making company , BlaBla Kids, ask me to do a little shoot for them. I just cant say enough about them…they are so great to work with, the dolls are painfully cute, well made and their style is perfectly darling. If you pop over to their site HERE you will see my pics floating about and will be mightily tempted to purchase everything on their site.

Here are just some of the pics I took for them…

I was so excited for these two to finally reach their wedding date! They are both so kind and fun to be with…. their group was spicy and kept cracking me up. These two were just so excited to get married and it showed all day long. There were some rad moments in the wedding Ill probably always remember… Ryan’s reaction when he saw Danielle the first time and then when he picked her up and carried her after they walked down the aisle.. Aww … sniff sniff . Well enough of my blabbering, lets start with the beautiful Danielle getting ready…….

Complete Vendor list to come…..

Make Up – Amy Clarke

Flowers - Floral Design by Jacqueline

Thanks to Sarah for helping us! :)


Jamason and Amanda laugh and smile non stop….they cant help it. We had a fun time wondering through LA at each spot and capturing their colorful fun day!
A big thank you to Bill Blakey for shooting with us!
- Wedding Planner: Megan Davis
- Florist: Kim Sanders, Art with Nature
- Cake and Dessert: Sweet and Saucy Shop
- Hair and Makeup: Flawless Faces
- Getting ready site: LA Athletic Club
- Wedding Site: LoftSEVEN
- All stationary: invites, i-Spy cards, menus, welcome-signs, place-cards, table name cards, dessert table labels
- Guest book: flea-market paper roller with markers set out for guests to write and draw to their hearts’ content
- Flowers decorating the aisles: cut out layers of fabric chopped and sewn by my mom
- Bridal necklace: three purchased fake pearl necklaces braided together and looped in the back with a piece of sheer ribbon
- Table runners and Aisle runner: purchased fabric cut to size
I adored her dress…….

“The theme of my wedding came from a need to do the unusual: create a summer wedding in winter.  Due to when we got engaged, I wouldn’t have been able to put together the wedding I wanted by the time summer hit (just several month later), but we thought December would give us enough cushion. Fortunately, California weather allows for this kind of thing.  The colors I picked were cheerful red-oranges, salmons, mints, and teals to give things that lively, mid-year feel.  I also knew that I wanted things to have an Anthropologie vibe – a modern aesthetic meets vintage-y charm – so we kept the patterns of fabric whimsical, made flowers for the aisle, mixed cotton into the floral arrangements, and had our wonderful florist create our place-card table design: a scrolling book-wall paying homage to mine and Jamason’s English degrees and general love of literature.
Also, as an artist, I couldn’t help myself from taking charge of all stationary design.  I tried to pull on a classic Disney cartoon-modern feel for all the invites, menus, place-cards, etc.  We just wanted to people to know, from the second they received their invites, that they’d be having fun”

“The most memorable moment of the day was  the time we spent walking around Downtown LA in our wedding garb.  The stretch of downtown we were occupying can feel like a tough area with some characters that are rough around the edges.  Yet from the moment we left the hotel to the moment we finally entered the venue, we were met with a tremendous outpouring of love, affection, well-wishes, and people who were simply excited to join in on our happiness.  We knew we’d experience that kind of thing from the loved ones attending our event, but it was a whole different universe to have it coming from total strangers.  We were filled with so much affirmation in people and the world from that moment, that it made the rest of the day just that much better.  As Jamason said to me later that evening, “It’s impossible to be a cynic on your wedding day.”  If that isn’t true, I don’t know what is.”

“I LOVE pigs with a passion, and while flea-marketing with my mom, I came across these little girl and boy pig salt-and-pepper shakers that I thought would make for perfect cake toppers on our day!”